Susan Ducharme Photo

Susan Ducharme is a passionate and experienced real estate agent who began her career in March 2015 with a deep-seated desire to help individuals achieve their dreams of homeownership. With unwavering dedication, Susan works tirelessly in the best interests of her clients, making their goals her top priority. She has successfully guided numerous clients through the significant financial decisions involved in buying and selling properties, providing them with informed guidance and unwavering support along the way. Having spent years in the banking industry, starting as a teller and working her way up to loan and mortgage management, Susan possesses a strong foundation in the financial aspects of real estate. This background enables her to offer invaluable insights and ensure her clients make well-informed decisions. Described as passionate, dedicated, and experienced by both clients and friends, Susan is deeply committed to delivering exceptional service. Born and raised in Lowell, MA, and currently residing in Hudson, NH, Susan embraces the communities she serves and is the ideal real estate agent to help individuals and families navigate their home-buying or selling journey in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.